I help Parents of Late Talkers Get their Toddlers Communicating!

Introducing the Thriving Toddlers Program

Hey there, mama...

If you are frustrated, overwhelmed, and worried about your toddler's speech and language development..... I have a solution. I’m going to teach you how to get your toddler talking WITHOUT spending years- and thousands of dollars- on speech therapy!

Exclusively for parents of babies and toddlers who want to learn ALL THE TOOLS speech therapists use to help little ones understand better, use more words, and stop feeling so frustrated!

Be a part of the my growing community of dedicated parents...

Is this you?

  • frustrated because you can’t understand what her toddler wants

  • worried that your child is going to have continued speech/ language issues

  • feeling like you should be doing "better" as a mom

  • stressed all the time

  • up all night thinking/ Googling how to help

  • feeling helpless and powerless in your ability to support your child

  • feeling isolated from other parents who don’t have this struggle

  • anxious about milestones and if their child is “normal”

Imagine this instead!

  • a thriving family relationship

  • feeling confident as a mom

  • watching your child living their best life and feeling happy

  • thriving vs surviving!

  • feeling like a capable parent

  • understanding your child’s wants, needs, and feelings

  • understanding communication milestones

Sounds great right!?

Well, what I just described to you can be achieved with the combination of my online course and group coaching program... without the high cost and long waitlist of speech therapy!

Now, I know what you may be thinking..

I'll just wait it out... every child develops at their own pace!

But ...

  • The truth is that, while MOST children do eventually "catch up," untreated speech and language delays can lead to later difficulties with learning!

Why take the risk when you can give your child every chance of success now and in the future!

Meet your guide, supporter, and innovative expert through this process...

Hi! I'm Kristi...

Licensed speech pathologist, certified lactation counselor, early childhood specialist, and Mom!

I've worked with families in my community for over a decade, helping them teach their little ones to communicate. I've taken my expertise and knowledge and put it all into my Thriving Toddlers Program- so you can get your toddler talking without months on a waitlist or thousands of dollars in speech therapy!

Why start now?

We know that the sooner you intervene to help your child, the better/ faster their progress tends to be!

But also- I'm offering an additional $100 off the full Thriving Toddlers Program as a special pre-sale BONUS only to my Facebook group members and email subscribers!

The full program launches on August 1, 2023. After that, the $100 discount will be gone for good!

So what do you say?

Sign up now for...

  • All the skills you need to confidently build your little one's communication skills

  • The knowledge to understand where a breakdown is happening and how to strategically help

  • "Lifetime" access to all of the course modules

  • Weekly group coaching calls on ZOOM so we can troubleshoot, review your questions, and more

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